Laila's Journal

My Morning Routine

Today is my 12th day doing this routine which is also my “me-time”

1. Wake up at 4am
2. Wash face, brush teeth, drink water and pinch of salt
3. Pray The True Millionare’s Prayer
4. Repeat mantra 3x
5. Read dreams
6. Write journal
7. Set 3 MITs
8. Read a book until 5:30am
9. Cook breakfast at 6am


Counting My Blessings

For my daughter’s 3rd birthday celebration:
My parents are providing the birthday cake.
My mother-in-law is providing the spaghetti and fruit salad.
We’ll just buy the drinks and ice cream and I’m going to cook fried chicken.

Thank you.

Turning Three

My daughter will be celebrating her 3rd birthday next month. I’ve started looking into preschools (got a list of schools with permit/recognition from DepEd There are a lot to choose from. Hubby’s main concern is location. Mine is what suits her best in terms of learning style. I’m also looking into Catholic Filipino Academy‘s special nursery program.

So What’s Next

It’s been over a month since we moved in to our very own home. I have been reviewing our finances. We still owe a relative Php220,000 for the lot. Other than that, we don’t have any other debt. However, we have depleted our emergency fund. It’s down to only one-month equivalent of gross income. We also don’t have any more investments in mutual funds and stocks. But that’s okay. Nothing compares to having our own home. With a little discipline and fewer trips to the mall, we will pay that debt and raise that fund. =)

So what’s next? Well, next month, my daughter and I are celebrating our birthdays. We don’t have a budget for a grand party but we’ll definitely celebrate. Probably, a small get-together at our house with my and hubby’s immediate families. For christmas, I don’t know yet. I usually sleep through it but hubby is big on celebrations. We do have a christmas tree set up weeks ago. And I have a long wish list. =)

We’re Going To Have Our Own Home

I still can’t believe it. We’re finally going to have our very own home! We just bought door knobs, lights, light switches, door hinges, paint, etc. this morning. House construction started almost two weeks ago.

Day 25-29: What I’m Thankful for Today

Day 25
1. banana at parents’ house
2. brewed coffee & wheat bread for breakfast
3. daughter’s increased milk intake
4. globe tattoo from hubby
5. goldilocks for free brown bag

Day 26
1. for free repair of electrical wiring
2. brother for bringing docs for data encoding
3. brother for arranging our payment for electricity
4. for daughter’s appetite during dinner (ate fish, rice and mango)
5. hubby for remembering to buy flashlight and batteries

Day 27
1. for free strong n’ rich 3-in-1 coffee
2. hubby for cooking lunch & dinner
3. power interruption was less than 15 minutes
4. joe & vicki for writing your money or your life
5. ehje peanut butter so yummy

Day 28
1. tax season bonus (will be added to savings for house)
2. nike shoes from mother to daughter
3. sil for being patient with daughter
4. father for bananas (saba) my favorite!
5. hubby for going to the grocery

Day 29
1. dressed chicken from inay
2. hubby for cooking dinner;
3. feeding;
4. giving a bath; and
5. putting daughter to sleep while i work

Day 21-24: What I’m Thankful for Today

Day 21

1. hubby for cooking breakfast and feeding our daughter
2. my mother for the apple and grapes
3. my father for taking us with him when he picked up mom from client
4. brother for bringing home dinner
5. hubby for remebering to get clothes from the clothesline before we left. it rained.

Day 22

1. parents for taking round table to us
2. parents for globe landline
3. mil for giving us the ironing board
4. hubby for preparing brewed coffee
5. father for ground coffee

Day 23

1. father for the pineapple
2. daughter’s temp did not go over 38 degree celsius
3. daughter took medicine willingly
4. naprex paracetamol for taste that daughter likes
5. daughter’s healthy appetite and drinking lots of water

Day 24

1. daughter pooped. finally after 3 days. knows how to say when she’s done
2. electricity went back at 1pm . we didn’t have to go out in the afternoon.
3. cool weather during the time that there was no electricity at 9am-1pm
4. opportunity to earn more. this will go to savings for house construction
5. free channel. who needs cable tv!

Day 20: What I’m Thankful for Today

1. safe trip to/from sec manila by hubby. hubby got there early and was no.2 in line. got home before 12noon.
2. mother-in-law for buying ironing board at the market. its much cheaper compared to those sold at major supermarkets.
3. service fee for sec docs processing given to hubby. will be used to pay for ironing board and gasoline tomorrow.
4. banana we bought from market, served as daughter’s lunch since she refused to eat the lunch served at my parents house.
5. bed mattress, at the bottom of the bed. cushioned my daughter when she fell from my parents bed when she was jumping up and down
6. hubby for cooking dinner and feeding our daughter who haven’t eaten rice since breakfast. she ate a lot of rice and fish at dinner.

Day 19: What I’m Thankful for Today

1. KFC Bucket Meal for lunch from mom – hubby and daughter love fried chicken!
2. We didn’t have to cook dinner
3. Nephew’s nanny looked after daughter while I clean
4. Daughter entertained us by dancing and singing
5. Internet connection at parents’ house. I got to check e-mail, fb and bank accounts

Day 15-18: What I’m Thankful for Today

DAY 15

1. Brother – for picking up our purchases from the mall
2. South Supermarket – for selling stuff cheaper than major malls
3. The SM Dept Store salesman – for assisting us
4. For the supper yummy fried fish we had for dinner
5. My daughter for behaving while we buy stuff

DAY 16

1. daughter for not disturbing me while i finish work
2. daughter for letting her father carry her instead of me while we buy stuff at the mall
3. brother for helping us move
4. father for helping load the pickup
5. parents for stove and lpg

DAY 17

1. brother for picking up washing machine
2. affordable palengke-on-wheels
3. daughter pooped 2 days in a row
4. daughter willingly let me wash her before sleeping
5. daughter cooperated, let me cut her fingernails
6. hubby for being patient and tolerating my bitchiness
7. hubby for doing laundry
8. for advance salary
9. mother for papaya and luya
10. father for brewed coffee

DAY 18

1. dora dvd for entertaining our daughter while we work
2. tefal pot for making cooking fun and cleaning easy
3. hubby for playing with daughter while i cook carbonara
4. for quiet, peaceful afternoon (no disturbance from neighbor)
5. ate lily for allowing us to use the regrigerator

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