Laila's Journal

Day 21-24: What I’m Thankful for Today

Day 21

1. hubby for cooking breakfast and feeding our daughter
2. my mother for the apple and grapes
3. my father for taking us with him when he picked up mom from client
4. brother for bringing home dinner
5. hubby for remebering to get clothes from the clothesline before we left. it rained.

Day 22

1. parents for taking round table to us
2. parents for globe landline
3. mil for giving us the ironing board
4. hubby for preparing brewed coffee
5. father for ground coffee

Day 23

1. father for the pineapple
2. daughter’s temp did not go over 38 degree celsius
3. daughter took medicine willingly
4. naprex paracetamol for taste that daughter likes
5. daughter’s healthy appetite and drinking lots of water

Day 24

1. daughter pooped. finally after 3 days. knows how to say when she’s done
2. electricity went back at 1pm . we didn’t have to go out in the afternoon.
3. cool weather during the time that there was no electricity at 9am-1pm
4. opportunity to earn more. this will go to savings for house construction
5. free channel. who needs cable tv!

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