Laila's Journal

So What’s Next

It’s been over a month since we moved in to our very own home. I have been reviewing our finances. We still owe a relative Php220,000 for the lot. Other than that, we don’t have any other debt. However, we have depleted our emergency fund. It’s down to only one-month equivalent of gross income. We also don’t have any more investments in mutual funds and stocks. But that’s okay. Nothing compares to having our own home. With a little discipline and fewer trips to the mall, we will pay that debt and raise that fund. =)

So what’s next? Well, next month, my daughter and I are celebrating our birthdays. We don’t have a budget for a grand party but we’ll definitely celebrate. Probably, a small get-together at our house with my and hubby’s immediate families. For christmas, I don’t know yet. I usually sleep through it but hubby is big on celebrations. We do have a christmas tree set up weeks ago. And I have a long wish list. =)

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