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La Virginia Resort & Hotel

We went to La Virginia Resort & Hotel this morning. I have been wanting to go there since early last year. Hubby and I packed our stuff last night, woke up at 5:30am this morning and left the house at 7:30am. We passed by Mercury Drug to buy snacks and Jollibe to buy lunch. My brother’s wife lent us her sun blocks. She’s so, so, so nice!

We spent Php300 on gasoline, Php600 on entrance fees, Php1,500 on the cottage near frog pool, and about Php500 on snacks and lunches.

We left the resort at 12:30pm. Our daughter fell asleep on the way home.

Manila Ocean Park

We took our daughter to the Manila Ocean Park last Tuesday (April 12, 2011). I had a lot of worries. Good thing the day turned out great. The weather was just right. We didn’t have a problem finding a taxi. Our daughter didn’t vomit despite of the long trip. She slept on the way home. I would have to say that none of my worries actually happened. I will look back to this experience every time I start to worry about something.

We left the house a little after 9am. My brother took us to the bus terminal. When we arrived at Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., our daughter had just fallen asleep. We took a taxi from there and arrived at Manila Ocean Park before 11am. Our daughter woke up then. Tickets to the Oceanarium, Sea Lion Show and Jellies costs a total of Php700 per person but were selling for a discounted price of Php500. We had lunch at North Park first before heading to the Oceanarium. After that, we went to the Jellies then to the Sea Lion Show.

Total cost of our trip: Php3,206
Breakdown of cost:
Bus Fare from Lipa City to LRT-Buendia >>> Php124 x 2 = 248
Taxi Fare from LRT-Buendia to Manila Ocean Park >>> 100
Tickets >>> Php500 x 3 = 1500
Lunch at North Park >>> 600
Manila Ocean Park stuff toy >>> 150
Barney stuff toy >>> 130
Water >>> 20
Taxi Fare from Manila Ocean Park to LRT-Buendia >>> 110
Bus Fare from LRT-Buendia to Lipa City Php124 x 2 >>> 248
2 boxes of donuts >>> 100

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